WeChat is a lifestyle

As the most popular instant messaging app in China, WeChat builds a unique social community for its users across the globe. It makes every connection possible among people, between users and vendors, and between users and organizations. WeChat is now a truly mobile lifestyle for everyone.




What is WeChat pay

WeChat Pay is a digital wallet service incorporated into WeChat, which allows users to perform mobile payments and send money between contacts.

How it operates in Sri Lanka

We proud to announce that we  are the only legalised WeChat Pay service provider in Sri Lanka. For the time being only Sri Lankan Businesses/Organizations with a valid Business registration can use the WeChat Pay Services. Marketing Team located in China and Sri Lanka. Merchants acquired will be handed over to the Chinese team to finalize and create your marketing account.


Quick Pay

Vendors scan the QR Code shown by customers on the Quick Pay page to finish transactions quickly.

QR Code Payment

Vendors creates different QR codes for different goods. After users scan these codes, they can see related product information and transaction guides on their phone.




In-App Web-based Payment

Vendors push product messages to their followers via Official Account. With WeChat Pay enabled, their followers can purchase products on the shopping page.





In-App Payment

Vendors can integrate WeChat Pay SDK into their apps. When users make payment in other apps, WeChat will be authorized to process the payment. Once the transaction is done, the page will redirect to the other app.




Transaction Cash Flow



Transaction CURRENCY and Settlement PROCESS.

Settlement currency is USD only . And business dollar account holders can receive USD to their account, others will receive the dollar to the bank and then converted to LKR and remitted to their respective bank account as per the exchange rate at the Customers bank.


WeChat Pay Combine With Alipay QR ( 1 QR Both Alipay and WeChat Pay )

If our WeChat Pay customers are having Alipay QR code we can combine such QR code to our WeChat pay QR Code. then Customers No need to Stand Two QR codes on the Desk. If customer dose not having Alipay payment service we can provide that service from our Third Party Service Provider ( from any of Alipay Service provider In Sri Lanka) .

Media Channels

Media channels such as TV , Radio, NewsPapers can use WeChat Official Platform as their interaction communication tool between customers. This can provide Live chatting, Documents Sharing, Pol and Voting etc.

Educational Institutional Solutions

WeChat official platform provides a variety of facilities enabling schools and educational institutions to maintain their day-to-day activities effectively.

Loyalty Management systems

This enables companies to provide their products details, special offers, discounts, new product launch etc. to a very large target market.

Brand and Promotional Channels

WeChat brand promotional techniques are very popular with clothing brands, Gem and Jewellery even for some footwear brands. The biggest advantage to the brand owners here is they can access the mini programs of the WeChat platforms and it will give them a better visibility than normal account holders will.

Marketing Platform

suitable for the new emerging marketing companies and who are looking forward to have Chinese market share especially.

Origination and Government communication Solutions

This is built for Government organizations to publish there general publications to the public and again to receive the general publication applications etc.


We provide our Sri Lankan Merchants with the Opportunity to setup their Business on the following platforms in order to increase their online presence in the Chinese Market. Merchant can get access to Taobao, Tmall, Yihao Dian, Dingping, Fliggy, Weidian, Ctrip etc.